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From the Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation Website:

The Rakhine Muslims in the south-east Asian country of Myanmar have been facing oppression and violence for many years. In the past few days, the oppression and violence has increased dramatically.

Many Arakanese Muslims are dying because of the oppression of the Myanmar government and the attacks of racist Buddhists, while some try to escape from the region and seek refuge at the border in Bangladesh.

The Myanmar government has been accused of an ethnic cleansing against "the most oppressed people" of the world. Almost all of the human rights of the Arakanese Muslims in Myanmar have been violated. The villages of the Rakhine people are being wiped out and the civilians have had to leave their homelands.

The numbers of people fleeing from the nationalist Buddhist attacks to the borders of Bangladesh have reached 150,000. Despite all the difficulties these people face, the Bangladesh government is not opening its borders.

The Myanmar army's attacks in the region of Arakan continue because of alleged terrorist attacks, causing many deaths of Arakanese civilians. The army's attacks were aimed at more than 60 villages, most of them have been burned to the ground.

There are still tens of thousands Rohingya Muslims remaining in Myanmar who try to flee the area to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh in order to save their lives. Thousands of other people are waiting at the border of Bangladesh. Observers in the region say that urgent humanitarian aid is needed and described the area as "There are no words to describe the violence in Myanmar".

We as the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation do not remain silent with regards to the oppression in Arakan. We began transporting aid to Rohingya since Rakhine Muslims began facing torture and were massacred in 2012. The foundation will continue to transport aid to the area and will make sure the Arakanese people are not abandoned.

The oppression is happening in front of the modern world. We will stand up for the Arakanese Muslims and never let them feel alone. We ask everyone to be aware of the situation, help as much as they can and speak out against any form of oppression.

The Foundation started a campaign "Do not Leave Arakan Alone" to support the oppressed in Rohingya. Those who want to help the victims in Rohingya can sms the word ARAKAN to 5601 and will have donated 10 Turkish Lira. For online donations one can go to our website or make a transfer to our bank accounts.

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