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Hazrat Pir Nureddin Al-Jerrahi (May His Secret
Be Sanctified)

The originator of the line of Jerrahiyyah of the order of Khalwatiyyah is Pir Nureddin al-Jerrahi, may his soul be sanctified. His honorable father was Sayyid ‘Abdullah ibn Muhammad Husamuddin, of Istanbul, and through his father he was a descendant of Hadrat Imam al-Husayn (raa). Through his mother he was also a descendant of Hadrat ‘lbaydah ibn Jarrah (raa), one of the ten Companions whose inclusion in Paradise was announced in this world by the Prophet (saws).

He was born before noon on a Monday, the twelfth of Rabi’ al-Awwal, in the year 1089 Hijrah (c. May 4, 1678), in his family’s mansion, Yagcizade Konagi, which still exists today in a ruined state across from the main gate of the mosque of Cerrah Pasa in Istanbul. The Shaykh al-Islam of the time, Mehmet Molla Efendi, personally arranged for the education of the extremely gifted child. From a very early age he was educated by the best scholars of Istanbul. It is related that very early in his schooling he learned the art of recitation from the famous wise man Yusuf Efendi, and the writing of poetry from the illustrious poet Nabi.

In 1115 Hijrah (1703-4), at the age of twenty-six, he was declared a shaykh. His master gave him the crown, robe, and staff of the order and sent him to teach in Karagumruk in Istanbul.

On a Monday evening, ‘Id al-Adha, in 1133 Hijrah (c. July 28, 1721), he left this world to meet his Lord.

Tomb of HZ. Pir Nureddin Al-Jerrahi

Tomb of Hazrat Pir Nureddin al-Jerrahi

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