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Title: What The Seeker Needs

Muhyiddin lbn 'Arabi
translated by Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi
and Rabia Terri Harris al-Jerrahi.

Muhyiddin lbn 'Arabi is known as "the greatest shaikh" and "the pole of knowledge" in Sufism. He was born in 1165 in Murcia, Spain and died in 1240 in Damascus. According to Annemarie Schimmel his influence "on the general development of Sufism can hardly be overrated. For most of the Sufis after the thirteenth century his writings constitute the apex of mystical theories."

This volume contains a remarkable introduction to spiritual practice, "What the Seeker Needs," and essays on "The One Alone," " Majesty and Beauty," as well as lbn 'Arabi's comprehensive spiritual glossary, which is especially important because most of Sufism after lbn 'Arabi adopted his terms.

This text is now part of Ibn 'Arabi: Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom.

ISBN: 0939660415

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