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Title: The Unveiling of Love

translated by Muthar Holland.

THE UNVEILING OF LOVE is the inspired work of an enlightened guide of the Sufi Way. Sheikh Muzaffer was head of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order of Dervishes and the author of nine books in Turkish which contain the essence of his spiritual teaching of nearly forty years. This is the first of his writings to be translated into English.

With the help of poems, traditional teaching stories and brief passages from the Holy Koran and the Hadith, Sheikh Muzaffer unveils the meaning of spiritual affection and explores the relationship of lover and Beloved. For the dervish or the lover in God, true love illuminates both the heart and the mind, as he knows that everything in the universe is doomed to pass away but love is everlasting. The shortest route to God is the dhikr, remembrance of God through repeating the Divine Names, whether publicly or privately. Special attention is given to the public dhikr ceremony accompanied by whirling and dancing movements through which the dervish is brought to a state of ecstasy. Sheikh Muzaffer also sheds light on the sacred duties of the seeker of Truth and on the role of the spiritual guide in treading the path of love.

Expressly written for a Western audience, THE UNVEILING OF LOVE addresses not only the follower of Islam but also those who are being introduced to Sufism and the meaning of spiritual love for the first time. The deep emotion and benevolent wisdom of this book will awaken the heart and help the reader to share in the joyful experience of the Divine.

ISBN: 1879708159

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