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Title: Irshad; Wisdom of a Sufi Master

by Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak Al-Jerrahi
Translated with an Introduction by Muhtar Holland
Preface by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

"admirable translation sharp English style comes across to modern people while preserving the dignity of the original a telling presentation of the central elements of Islamic faith a relevant commentary on the events of our own time should be on the recommended reading list of all English Muslims." – Association of British Muslims.

"conveys the essential message of Sufism and its wisdom for human behavior Muhtar Holland, one of the best translators into English. has made this especially readable" – Link International Islamic Newsletter.

Regarded by many as the most important work in Islamic spirituality of our time, the lrshad appears for the first time in English translation. The work charts the Sufi spiritual path and discipline through discourse and dialogue, story and prayer, scriptural commentary and spontaneous mystical teachings in worship and action.

The spirit of the work is reflected in the words of the author:

"O my Generous Master, You created this servant of Yours and brought him into being from a drop of water I do not even have the right to say I love You, and yet I do love You. I always remember You I know that even my being able to remember.

You is also due to Your guidance. My mentioning Your Name of Majesty left me drunk, bewildered, and amazed. Is it possible to imagine anyone in this world loving the Divinity and not becoming intoxicated with such affection? So great a blessing is affection that even if its possessor should stray into the wilderness, the fire of his love would not allow him to feel the heat of the desert. Should the lover fall into the fire, the heat of his love would extinguish that fire. The fire of love would cause the poles and glaciers to melt. If mountains and boulders were piled upon the back of the lover, the fire of his love would prevent his feeling the weight of the load. Affection makes a person forget about hunger and thirst, and keeps him on the road of love."

ISBN: 1879708000

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