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Title: Inspirations; On the Path of Blame

a commentary by Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi.

In Inspirations, Shaikh Badruddin interpreted many essential concepts of Islamic spirituality in a very original and personal way which is strikingly relevant today.

Melamiyya, or the "path of blame," is an approach to spiritual development within Islamic Sufism that avoids the appearance of piety and challenges the self-satisfaction of the ego. This book includes extensive historical and introductory information revealing the significance of the path of blame as a method for transforming the hypocrisy of the ego and coming to true sincerity.

Shaikh Badruddin of Simawna (d. 1420) was a famous scholar and saint from the European region of the Ottoman realm. He inspired one of the first "people's revolutions" in history.

"It was not my intention to give you any advice, for often the truth is told, and all who hear depart. Only the ones who are destined to hear, hear. I do not speak of my self. It is the truth that speaks, out of compassion. The truth wills none to burn. Someone destitute with pockets full of gems, someone who refuses to put his hands in his pockets, cannot call a tyrant the one who gave him the treasures, and the hands to hold them, and the mind to use them. "
– from "The Opening" by Kaygusuz Abdal.

ISBN: 0939660474

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