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Title: Blessed Virgin Mary

Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak.

The author of this work, Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak, passed from the visible world in 1985. He is a Waliullah, or intimate friend of Allah, as saints are referred to in Islamic tradition. Islam has proven to be an overflowing fountain of these indescribable friends of God, both recognized and unrecognized. The profound Islamic veneration of the Virgin Mary is certainly part of the explanation for this remarkable flourishing of mystics. This small volume presents an inspired litany of praise to the Virgin Mary.

This long prose-poem is a spiritual seed which will be sown in the heart of the sympathetic reader with palpable initiatory power. A mystical virgin birth will then occur within the receptive heart - a miraculous birth of purity and illumination, comparable to the experience of the blessed Mary. – from the Foreword.

ISBN: 1879708043

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