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Title: Ashki’s Divan

by Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak Al-Jerrahi.

In the tradition of the great Sufi Masters throughout the centuries, Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak was an ecstatic poet in the manner of Rumi and Kabir, and he speaks with the full force of conviction and experience.

His is the poetry of faith, informed by thought and observation no doubt, but it is also a faith whose roots reach back through the ages, finding their source in the very life and times of the Prophet Muhammad (saws). Sheikh Muzaffer's poetic themes all reflect his passion for the Divine. Time and again he reminds us that we belong unhesitatingly and unswervingly on the Path of Truth, that we are faced with the challenge of our own human destiny, that of becoming pilgrims on the way to God. – from the Foreword.

ISBN: 1879708027

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