The Jerrahi Sufi Order of Canada


Return (in repentance), return! Whatever you are, return! 
Even if you are an unbeliever or a Magian or an idol worshipper, return! 

This court of ours is not a court of despair.

Even if you have broken your repentance a hundred times, return!
-Qazvinî -


As is our tradition we will be sending our Qurbani to Irim in Burkina Faso. This has been very successful over the years and inshallah it will continue this way. 

Price of one sheep this year = 150 dollars. 

Payment options: 

1. Cheque to Jerrahi Sufi Order of Canada earmarked Qurbani. 

 2. Cash payment in envelope placed in donation box, marked Qurbani and your name(s) on the envelope. 
3. Use paypal:

Please add your name(s) on notes section


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Call For Help - Burkina Faso : To Donate & for more Information Please click here

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The Canadian Sufi Cultural Centre is home to the Canadian branch of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order of Dervishes, a traditional Islamic Sufi Order rooted in Turkey. Today, the order also has branches in the United States, Italy, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Chile and Brazil among others. Click here for more information about our worldwide branches.

We gather every Saturday evening from 7pm to midnight for a shared meal, discourse, mesk (sacred music), prayer and zikrullah (Remembrance). Our gatherings are open to the public and we welcome all people of diverse backgrounds and faiths. Please click here for directions.


Our Vision...

The Jerrahi Sufi Order of Canada strives to promote peace, understanding and unity across diverse world views through sharing and appreciation of sacred knowledge and the arts.

The heart's abode it purifies
The dervish into phoenix it transforms
To the Realm of the Divine it leads
'Tis the Remembrance of the Lord,

Pir Nureddin al-Jerrahi (raa)

Our Mission...

The Jerrahi Sufi Order of Canada is a worldwide, cultural, educational and social relief organization that preserves and advances the customs and spirit of traditional Sufi tenets in Canada. Globally and close to home, it advances spiritual and religious knowledge, social justice and the sacred arts through community service, multicultural events, lectures, regular meetings, and publications.

The sheikhs are the pourers of the wine and the dervish is the glass.
Love is the wine.
By the hand of the wine pourer, The glass is filled.
This is the short way.
Love could be offered to one by other hands.
This is the short way.

Sheikh Muzaffer Efendi


Drive out all others from your heart, that God may there appear;
A king will not set up his court in a palace that's unprepared.

Sheikh Muzaffer Efendi


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